Thanks to the sensitive wool fibre that springs back after pressure, our carpets have a natural resilience and the ability to keep their original shape for many years. If you have had quite heavy furniture on the carpet, you can help the wool by brushing it up again. Wool carpets look untouched for a long, long time, and if you care for them you prolong their life even further.
To maintain the original look and quality of your carpet, you only need to remember three of advices: One, vacuum often. Two, remove stains immediately. Three, follow the washing instructions and wash when necessary – preferably at a dry cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner is the best friend of your carpet. Use it once per week and use it carefully.

Stains and other dirt must be quickly removed. We recommend a dishcloth or similar, to absorb spilled fluids. Dry dirt particles are best removed with a spoon or the top of a knife, and followed up with recommended after-treatment against stains.

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