Light regulation has a great impact on the ambiance of a room. Windows in workplaces demand special solutions where light is regulated, but not shut out, reducing reflexes in computer screens, while maintaining a pleasant environment.

Light regulation can also contribute to energy preservation by maintaining the room temperature during winter nights. By keeping extreme heat out during summer days, it reduces the need for air conditioning.

In the home, light regulation shuts you off from people’s view and gives you a pleasant indoor climate. A lowered blind can save energy and maintain the temperature during cold winter nights, but also keep extreme heat out during summer days.

Almedahls offers solutions for daylight control:

Solar protection fabrics

Almedahls is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of fabrics for internal blinds.
We adapt know-how in solar shade fabric technology to meet needs for solar protection in a wide variety of environments.
Want to know more? Click here for more information about our collections of fabrics for rollerblinds, panels, pleated blinds and verticals.

Dynamic solar protection

With Dynamic Solar Protection from Almedahls you are taking a major step against daylight and climate control in the public environment.
Dynamic Solar Protection solutions are the most cost-efficient way to reduce buildings’ environmental impact by reduced energy consumption and CO² emissions.
Want to know more? Click here for more information about our dynamic solar control systems.
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