Grain 100712

100710_Grain, carpet with 25 mm pile height the tuft density is 23 500 tuft/m2.
100711_Grain, carpet with 14 mm pile height tuft is 39 000 tuft/m2.
100712_Grain, carpet with 10 mm loop is 39 000 tuft/m2.

Designer: Almedahls Design Studio
Width: Max size of 5×13 m
Material: 100% wool hardtwist
Weight: 4100 g/m2
Pile Height: 10 mm loop
Tuft density: 39 000 tuft/m2
Other Info:
Sound class D according to ISO 354
All carpets are available as wall mounted for decoration and sound absorbtion.
Grain is flame retardant.
See datasheet for colorways
Grain 100712

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Sound class C-D

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Grain 100712
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