Solar Protection Fabrics

Almedahls is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of fabrics for internal blinds. We adapt know-how in solar shade fabric technology to meet needs for solar protection in a wide variety of environments. Almedahls’ technology can be seen in both homes and public environments such as hospitals, hotels, offices and residential buildings. Based on thorough trend analysis and monitoring of yarn and substance development our own Design Studio and internal Technical Team of engineers bring forward exquisite fabrics with high value solar protection properties.
This allows Almedahls to help our customers create comfort and well-being through fabrics which blend perfectly with the interior decoration and offer multiple choices for the important functionalities in blinds.
A variety of fabrics are available to manufacture high quality blinds offering glare control, heat control, sun block out, privacy and daylight through different techniques of filtering of natural light.
If you are working with colours of fabric in white or lighter shades the blind will absorb less solar radiation and permit more light whilst preserving natural light levels. Opposite; the darker shades absorb more solar radiation and transmit less light, providing a more transparent view through the blind to the outside.
Choosing fabrics with higher openness factor allow more natural light to transmit and offer enhanced visibility and view through. The less openness factor in a fabric the less transparency, hence the blind will provide more privacy and higher degree of protection against ultra violet rays. A blackout fabric allows for total light blockage and substantial reduction in heat effect.

Almedahls solar protection fabrics creating “A better place to be”!

Almedahls offers these multiple choices of product properties through three coordinated solar protection fabric collections:

Rollerblind and panel fabrics

The Scandinavian Grace selection

Our fabric range gives you 450 choices across more than 100 styles. We offer you:

  • TECHNIQUE WITHIN – our products deliver the technical performance demanded from solar protection fabrics, and are technically proven and documented
  • DESIGN FOREVER – the range as a whole is aligned with current trends. We think design into every aspect of the products as part of our culture and heritage
  • WIDTH – the range is physically up to 3 meters in product width, and covers the full range of price points and product features in the category
  • KNOWLEDGE IN PARTNERSHIP – we have worked in close partnerships with the window manufacturing industry for years, and have developed unique products for window applications
  • MANAGED COLLECTION PROCESS – we are experts in collection development and offer you a managed development process
  • RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – we operate one of the greenest production facilities of its kind, are certified in sustainability, and manufacture in Sweden

Pleated fabrics

The Conspicuous Subtle selection

We create technical fabrics for solar protection with powerful aesthetics and visual character. Our pleated range is a subset of our comprehensive rollerblind and panel fabric selection; Scandinavian Grace. We aim to provide our customers with pleated products which:

  • Are of proven and relentless quality in line with the Almedahls legacy
  • Will clearly set the collections of our customers apart with a premium feel
  • Are inherently sustainable
  • Will deliver technical performance where it matters

Our pleated selection, Conspicuous Subtle is marked by a design language where the presence of the product is always felt, whilst never attempting to attract undue attention. The designs are organic even to a point where geometric patterns are free from straight lines and formulas. Our pleated fabrics are intuitively an invitation to blend and match between styles to create distinct spaces with colours and moods in informal habitats. The fabrics are presented in four design categories; Abstract Designs, Textures & Plains, Micro Designs and Organic Designs.

Vertical fabrics

Your Very Own Vertical Line

The vertical concept is designed to be easily adapted by each customer to their own range, to select all or part of the fabrics, from basic plains to exclusive burn-outs, with a large variety in between. With the expertise of the Almedahls Design Studio, together with an in-house sample department and an extensive market- and product knowledge, we can also offer customized collections, combined and presented according to your requirements. Our verticals are offered as a standard in 89mm and 127mm widths (other widths are available upon request as a special production).

Three main themes with attached design categories

  • BOTANIST – gives you a sense of light and transperancy, softness and textures on designs inspired by nature
  • COLOURIST – offers a selection of rich textures, a rustic colour range as well as flame retardant choices
  • ILLUSIONIST – has a theme of burn-outs and metals which offer an entangled and structured variety
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