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“Almedahls AB develops, manufactures, markets and sells products for decoration of public spaces and homes.

Our product development process and our products are designed with a view to minimize the environmental impact during the lifetime of the products.

We comply with current legislation and other environmental requirements.

We work continuously to reduce the impact on the environment from all activities in our company.

This continuous work is carried out in accordance with Almedahls’ sustainability program Five-Zero-Green.”


We have taken the environmental challenge further

Almedahls was an early adapter of environmental protection and sustainability, and by now probably operate one of the greenest supply chains of its kind. Of course, we are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. We have consistently seen that stakeholders find it intuitively easier to grasp sustainability of the product rather than sustainability of the production process, which is potentially a much larger source of environmental liability.

Therefore, we have developed and certified five green process check-points which are combined into The Five Zero Green Certificate (5ZG Certificate).

Several of our products – especially sun protection products – also actively contribute to reduced energy consumption and reduced CO² emissions. The 5ZG-vision also includes sub-suppliers of ingredients and raw material. We actively work towards enabling a more sustainable production together with our partners. By specifying the content and process it provides the prerequisite for a long term co-operation.  Next step in our vision, is to take a firm grip on the entire value chain, from raw material to the recycling of the product

We probably have one of the greenest production processes

Many people perceive that only products with Öko-Tex certification or other eco labelling and environmental certification are “green” products. Almedahls has products with and without Öko-Tex certificates. Whatever applies; the products we produce always meet and usually exceed the sustainability requirements that have been set for textiles for public spaces.

Thanks to our Five-Zero-Green sustainability program, we are now seeing results. Results from the work that our dedicated employees have been doing for years. The result of a close dialogue and collaboration with customers, suppliers and authorities.

Carlsberg beer has the slogan: “Probably the best beer in the world”. We are inspired; Almedahls probably has one of the greenest production processes. We do not market specific green products – by definition, Almedahls is green! And one last little thing: Almedahls Solutions offers high quality products with a timeless design that gives an extra sustainability aspect through long service life!


Our production process is CO² neutral
5-z-g energy

The first green-zero is about energy. Producing textiles is something that requires a lot of energy. The same goes for Almedahls.

Most producers still run textile process industries based on fossil oil, coal or gas as energy sources. We do not do that at Almedahls.

What differs us from others is that as early as in 2015 we changed to environmentally based bio fuel to run our production. We had already had green electricity for several years – from certified green sources.

Bio fuel is a carbon-neutral fossil-free fuel that is produced from residues producing food and feed, residual products that would become waste but which are now instead taken care of and become the basis for bio fuel.

This means that what we produce differs from others in terms of environmental impact. Almedahls’ production process leaves no CO² imprint behind.

It is not something that is visible on the fabric, but it is something that we need to inform those who are looking for a naturally sustainable product.

Our water consumption is circular
5-z-g water

The water we use in our production comes from river Häggån. We take in the water, purify it and use it for dyeing, washing, manufacturing of pastes, cleaning, etc. And the water we borrowed, we return!

We have invested in a closed, advanced water system with the capacity to supply a city, larger than 5,000 inhabitants. Some of the water disappears as water vapor during our production processes, while 80-90% remains, is purified and released back to the nature.

We are regulated by the County Administrative Board regarding measures to protect the nature around us – water has the greatest importance among them. Every 14 days water samples are taken and sent for analysis. The analysis is done for substances such as nitrogen, antimony, copper and also how much biological material is present in the water and how much oxygen is consumed degrading it.

We work systematically to develop the composition of raw materials and reduce the number of changes in the processes to continuously ensure a minimized environmental impact.

We only release water vapor
5-z-g air

To heat our process machines in production, we use bio fuel to heat up hot oil, which circulates in a closed system. The hot oil warms the air in our stenters.

During the drying and fixing processes, a small amount of ingredients follow with water vapor.

The water vapor is led into a closed system for heat recycling where the excess heat is used to make hot water which we can then use in our manufacturing processes. Through this heat recycling system, the warm air is finally cooled down, which means that the few ingredients that are present are condensed and return to solid form.

Finally, clean air, consisting solely of water vapor, is released through the chimney.

We go beyond REACH
5-z-g ingredients

We use raw materials with the least possible impact on our health and the environment, and we work continuously to improve our internal work environment, processes and the raw material in our products.

We always assume the process, the life cycle, the minimum environmental impact, a long life and an opportunity to recycle materials. No harmful or persistent substances should be included in our processes. Therefore, Almedahls compliance round active ingredients extends much beyond REACH.

Almedahls creates its own recipes for coating and coloring and mixes raw materials for coating pastes themselves. This gives us a unique advantage in our development work, traceability and total control over the content of our processes. This also gives us great advantages against buying ready-made mixes from external suppliers.

We strive to use more durable materials, such as recycled polyester from PET bottles, herbal fibers and easily degradable ingredients.

We participate in various research projects such as Bio Innovation (Vinnova project) where we invest in the opportunity to use textile fibers from the Swedish forests.

Our waste is minimized
5-z-g waste

Almedahls continuously monitors and reduces the total material waste. Primarily through regulated manufacturing processes. We have worked out a well-functioning preventative maintenance for many years that minimizes temporary stops in production. Stops in production create quality challenges and thus unnecessary waste.

Continuous control functions throughout the production process ensure that the end product has the highest quality, which results in minimization of spill and customer complaints. We use all production waste for energy recycling to minimize environmental footprint.

Of course, our work for a sustainable society includes sorting and recycling from all parts of the business; office paper, packing material, plastic, etc.

We participate in research projects on reusing and recycling of products and production waste. The goal is to be able to recycle used fabric for new textiles or other types of products. This is the focus of Almedahls future development projects!


Even our flame retardant solution is sustainable

Flame retardant (FR) treatments for textiles have traditionally been a trade-off between safety and sustainability. Many FR enablers have been based on chemicals which, in isolation, are considered hazardous for human beings and the environment at large. Bromine based flame retardants can leak out when goods are manufactured, used and discarded, and they remain in the nature for a long time, accumulate in organisms and are toxic.

PureFR™ from Almedahls is a FR ingredient that is completely halogen free, skin neutral and certified in accordance with international FR standards – thus no compromise on safety. We use the most environmentally friendly products available on the market, ingredients based on phosphorus and nitrogen. Phosphorus is found naturally in the body and also in food such as beans, nuts and meat and it is necessary for us to function properly. PureFR™ is the sustainable alternative to traditional FR treatments and is developed exclusively for and by Almedahls.

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