The environment is important for Almedahls. And naturally for all of us. This is the reason for our striving to exceed current regulations and environmental standards. We want to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why our products are developed so that during their entire lifetime they have as little impact on the environment as possible. To control raw material, chemical components and the entire production chain is natural and essential for us.

We also take the opportunity of working together with universities and other institutes to maintain our leading position within textile research, technical innovation and environmental efforts. Suppliers, which can deliver against our highly set standards of environmental awareness, have a priority.

Our Environmental Goals:

- to follow current laws, regulations and decisions by authorities through an even stricter regulation from our side

- constantly to work towards reducing our impact on the environment in all parts of our organisation.

- to develop our productions in such a way that their environmental impact is as little as possible during the entire lifetime of the product.


We are aiming at a long-term durability of our products by controlling raw materials and chemical components in all the production processes. Minimizing the energy consumption and re-using the water are other ways of protecting our planet. We are also making a point of giving priority to suppliers that live up to our demands for environmental consciousness.


Our environment policy guarantees the high level of our environment work. The production of our fabrics is always adapted to the environment, and we endeavour to make concrete efforts.For bleaching we use hydrogen peroxide, i.e. we use no chlorine bleaching agents. We wash, bleach and dye our fabrics without using chemicals containing APEO, No chemicals containing halogen (chlorine, bromine) or antimony are used in the flame retardant treatments. Waste material from the production is assorted for recycling as far as possible.Independent parties continuously control that our environmental influence never contravenes existing laws and regulations.