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International Account Manager (IAM)



The key purpose of the IAM is to:

  1. With primary focus on solar protection fabrics, sell Almedahls into collections for customers in assigned geographies and projects.
  2. Canvas the market and assemblers in order to constantly build and maintain an overview of customers coming into the collection development phase and a growing pipeline of collection development projects.
  3. Sell to and care for customers in a manner equally driven by tangible and intangible product (total cost of ownership) whilst protecting and enhancing total customer profitability and cash flow.
  4. Contribute to Almedahls’ position as a powerful player in the solar protection and interior decoration industry by selling the full value package offered by Almedahls Solutions.



Continuously canvas and map customer preferences, and customer collection development timing:

  • In an industry with infrequent buying decisions, knowledge of customer timing is critical to build a sales pipeline. The successful candidate understands this and works at all times to map customer preferences and timing with full transparency.


Build new business by managing all phases of the new-biz sales cycle:

  • Analysing and understanding the market including but not limited to competition and market structure.
  • Selection of customer focus and specific prospects, i.e., understand which customers are most likely to buy and why.
  • Create interest by opening doors and canvassing among chosen prospects.
  • Pitch Almedahls as a supplier by communicating UPS’s.
  • Create specific customer offer by:
    • Selecting appropriate product/service package
    • Set commercial terms including pricing.
    • Analyse implication of offer for customer and Almedahls.
  • Drive agreement to closure by understanding and managing the contract process with in-house resources.
  • Create and deliver a powerful onboarding programme for the customer.
  • Maintain and develop the customer through continuous planning and execution.


Ensure that robust development plans are in place for all larger customers, and that the forecastability of sales is high.

  • Develop key account development plans in format given by Almedahls covering 12-month and 36-month targets for:
    • Business development initiatives
    • Sales development
    • Product mix
    • Profitability
  • Ensure that initiatives are implemented and followed-up according to the plan, and that planned targets are met.


Increase the transparency of developments in markets, competitors and emerging needs substantially.

  • Contribute to systematic gathering and proliferation of market intelligence.
  • Develop templates for a fact-based understanding of market structures and customers.
  • Contribute to develop innovative and creative sales strategies which are closely aligned with existing, emerging or future market trends.



  • A minimum of 5 years of experience from a similar position in an international environment, i.e., likely a B2B commercial organisation which have developed best-in-class approaches within sales and customer management.
  • Relevant degree at Bachelor or Master level
  • Experience from the interior decoration- or textile industry is not a pre-requisite. A strong commercial skill-set and successful business development experience is valued above specific industry experience.
  • Fluent written and oral English skills is a must. Proficiency in either French or German at negotiation level is a plus.
  • Proven negotiation and facilitation skills
  • Ability to communicate both aesthetics, and function embedded in products.
  • Full and updated grasp of IT-systems and –tools (including Excel, PowerPoint, Word and e.g., CRM systems at user-level)



  • A clear preference for and skill set within sales hunting.
  • A winning can-do attitude is required as well as a history of proven sales success.
  • A strong passion for interacting with customers, sales as a profession, and a deep hunger for success is expected.
  • Bias for action; Decisive and takes initiative without being asked.
  • Highly driven by specific targets and results
  • High work capacity, and a very persistent character
  • Demonstrates strong influencing ability. Gains the respect and confidence of others. Builds constructive and effective relationships.
  • Able and willing to travel.


Almedahls has opened a fresh chapter in a story which began in 1846. The company is embarking on a journey with a product programme where technique, function and intangible value take centre stage. This is combined with a sales approach with more transparency, method and action.

Almedahls is active in three business areas: solar shading products, interior textile decoration of public spaces, and home interior decoration products and accessories. More than 90% of sales are generated by customers outside Sweden from all corners of the world.

Originally founded in 1846 in Sweden, the brand is highly acknowledged in the textile industry and early became associated with unique design and constant innovation. In recent years, the brand has also become known for an environmental awareness which is second to none, in an industry often linked with use of chemicals and unsustainable consumption of water.

Almedahls offers a comprehensive range of solar shading products, besides a large portfolio of curtains, rugs, and home interior decoration articles. All marketed under the Almedahls brand name which is to be seen as always in motion, filled with function and Nordic.

The International Account Manager will be in a key position to contribute to, and learn from this journey, and is expected to actively play a role in the continued transformation of the company.

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