You set
the tone

Whether you are looking for products to control acoustics or daylight, or the right
shades of colour, we provide the solution

The Superellipse®:

Embodying Harmony, Creativity, Equality and Interaction.

A proud zero

Actually it’s five zeros. Read more about Almedahls’ sustainability program Five-Zero-Green

With focus on the


We take pride in assisting you to optimise interior designs for human well-being. 

With sustainability as a guiding star, our solutions help enhance public spaces; Education, Hospitality, Offices and Care as well as homes.

Our aim is to improve everyday life by creating better environments to work, study, create, play, meet, eat, relax, sleep and enjoy – or put quite simply; to create A better place to be.

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Developing a heritage. Design and production in Sweden since 1846