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You set the tone

Whether you are looking for products to control acoustics or daylight, or the right
shades of colour, we provide the solution

Circular biodegradable Hanging Textiles from Almedahls

with OceanSafe technology

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Elegant sheer textile
in a rich colour palette.

Dress & Define

A selection of Uni-coloured wide hanging textiles

A proud zero

Actually it’s five zeros. Read more about Almedahls’ sustainability program Five-Zero-Green

With focus on the


We take pride in assisting you to optimise interior designs for human well-being. 

With sustainability as a guiding star, our solutions help enhance public spaces; Education, Hospitality, Offices and Care as well as homes.

Our aim is to improve everyday life by creating better environments to work, study, create, play, meet, eat, relax, sleep and enjoy – or put quite simply; to create A better place to be.

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Still curious after 177 years

Developing a heritage. Design and production in Sweden since 1846.