Our story

Who we are and what we care for

We are deeply rooted in strong Nordic design traditions going back to the foundation of the company in 1846
We represent an uncompromising quality, unique design and sustainability
We are fundamentally driven by the relationship with our customers

Every good story has a beginning

Almedahls is one of the oldest businesses in the western part of Sweden and has been cultivating and manufacturing textile design products for generations. Hans H. Wesslau from Gothenburg received a permit in 1838 from the ”Kungliga Majestets och Rikets Commerce-Collegium” to establish and operate a textile factory for linen fabrics.
In 1846 he expanded and acquired more equipment and established a new operation in a valley just outside of Gothenburg. The company is named after the founders daughter “Alma” whom died at a very young age and the location of the company in a valley (“dal”) – hence; Almadals.
Later the name changed to Almedahls and the area is since long included in the city of Gothenburg and this district of the city is to this day named after the company; Almedal.
Almedahls rapidly developed over the years and export has always been and still is a large part of the business.
Product-wise the first 100 years were focused on weaving of linen cloths, whilst over the next 70 years the product scope changed to cotton fabrics and then to polyester fabrics with a large emphasis on dying, printing and coating techniques.
The head-office moved from Gothenburg to Dalsjöfors in 1958, and then in 2005 to Kinna which is 45 minutes outside of Gothenburg.
We bring interior decoration solutions to our customers. Our products are developed for both homes and public spaces, and Almedahls’ unique designs are also available as personal accessories. Uncompromising quality, unique contemporary design and sustainability runs through everything we do.
Almedahls offers the full range from large turn-key interior decoration solutions in window coverings, rugs and furniture, to a single inspirational design product for your home. We are fundamentally driven by relationships with our customers. The ageless and contemporary Almedahls design and the quality of what we do means that our solutions will always bring you higher value.
We invite you to explore the Almedahls design universe and product range. We hope you will come away inspired and shall look forward to serving your needs.
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