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creative rugs

From your vision to one of our rug makers making the rug according to your specifications, in any shape and size you want – it’s a true handmade product. Choose from nearly 300 colours perfectly coordinated with our curtain- and furnishing fabrics.

Functions of Creative Rugs

Our rugs provide a number of both familiar and less familiar functions sought after by architects and interior decorators:

Statement Of Aesthetics

With choice of design, texture, shape and colour, rugs are signature furnishing items which will advance the expression of style and chosen design language.

Sound Absorption

A rug plays a role in the acoustic design of the room as the rug will contribute to curb distortive sound in public spaces. Our rugs are sound tested and acoustics classified.


A rug will retain dust and dirt which may otherwise circulate in the room and lessen the quality of the air and the perception of cleanliness.

Accentuates Furniture

Rugs accentuate the furnishing chosen for the room and enhance the overall interior. Sometimes by providing a colour- or texture-based contrast to other material choices.

Comfort And Wellbeing

Few humans fail to notice the soft, pleasant tactility of a rug, the sense of warmth and the richness of the material which brings comfort and sends a message about having made an effort.

Definition Of The Room

A rug allows the interior decorator to create visual and physical spaces in the room; e.g. by introducing functional zones, boundaries or paths of traffic.

Flame Retardancy

The majority of our Creative Rugs are inherently flame retardant as flame resistance is built into the fibre of the rug.

Make your own

How do you envision your next project? Take advantage of our textile experience and carpet expertise, and make your architectural visions come true. Almedahls’ design studio has many years of practice in the art of developing carpets for public spaces. Collaboration with us gives you access to a complete toolbox including sizes, pile heights, techniques, yarn qualities, and dyes.

The starting-point can be a specific detail from the interior, a chosen theme or just a wish for something unique and special. Together we take part in a creative process with our knowledge and resources at one side of the table. And your ideas, outlines and plans at the other.

We guide your visions step by step towards realization and a customized room-unique carpet. We give you the perfect match between architecture and carpet manufacturing.

How to choose a Creative Rug


Type and purpose of room Office, Hospitality, Education, Care, Public area


Traffic in the room Frequent traffic, Moderate traffic, Light traffic


Planned placement of the rug in the room Close to source of dust and dirt, Distanced from source of dust and dirt


Function of the rug Statement of aesthetics, Accenture furniture, Definition of the room, Sound absorption, Hygiene, Comfort and wellbeing, Flame retardancy


Choice of pile height, cut/loop and density Choose between 6 pile heights as well as cut and loop technique


Choice of expression and colour Choose from an extensive colour range for each of our yarns and both predefined as well as bespoke design


Choice of shape and size

From a maximum of up to 5 x 10 metres in one piece and in any shape you desire

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