Curtain fabrics

As long as there have been windows there have been curtains. It’s often thought that curtains only have an aesthetic function, but historically the curtains have been just as important for controlling temperature, acoustics and light. Our curtains is based on a strong Scandinavian design tradition and now spread over a large spectrum of technical properties, transparencies and choices of colours.


From Studio Almedahls comes more than patterns and colour coordinated curtains. We have a three-dimensional textile thinking where transparency, surfaces and drape are of great importance. 


Almedahls has invested considerable resources in recent years in developing an acoustic concept and tool. By combining the right data, we can go from reducing noise to designing the sound in a room.


In some parts of the world or during warm seasons you need to cool down a room. And sometimes it’s opposite, you need to heat up the space. And our products can help you with just that.


From complete brightness and daylight in a space, to no light at all. Humans has always worshiped light, but in order to have the right function in the room, it needs to be controlled. Or as we say it; Tame the light.

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