Interior textiles

Almedahl’s interior textiles are based on a strong Scandinavian design tradition and now spread over a large spectrum of technical properties, transparencies and choices of colours. They have an aesthetic function but they are just as important for controlling temperature, acoustics and light, to withstand wear and stains and they and are adapted to public environments. But what is truly unique is that they are colored to suit our other product ranges. You can easily combine freely among our product groups and be sure that there is always a color combination available.

Dress & Define


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Dress & Define is curated to help you define the true essence of a space. We embrace the persona of each environment and understand the wide diversity of challenges from aesthetics to function.

We believe it’s all about balance. Because to create an authentic working ambience, we need synergy between tactility, colour, and technical performance. Like a silent dialogue where all components agree to cooperate to dress the room.

We focus on providing stunning textiles which will deliver five functional areas: Expression – Acoustics – Sustainability – Daylight management – Hygiene.

We proudly present Dress & Define and welcome you to explore and create solutions from our wide range of fabrics.


DRESS & DEFINE through the creative lens of a textile artist

With Dress & Define we want to explore the boundaries of creative opportunities with hanging textiles. We asked Master of textile art, Statira Jazayeri to interpret each Almedahls weave to let the fabrics express themselves in images.

In the words of Statira describing her craft: “The relationship between surface and depth, darkness, and reflection of light as well as the intensity of folding that occurs in a draped fabric fascinates me. I am looking for answers to what different compositions can represent or in what way they can touch. Every fold carries energy, it is charged with power and excitement. In the drape there is rhythm, direction, tension, and interaction.”

See more of Statira’s work at: 

Packed with functions


From Studio Almedahls comes more than patterns and colour coordinated
curtains. We have a three-dimensional textile thinking where transparency,
surfaces and drape are of great importance.


Alrmedahls has invested considerable resources in recent years in developin.g
an acoustic concept and tool. By combining the right data, we can go from
reducing noise to designing the sound in a roorm.


In some parts of the world or during warm seasons you need to cool down a
room. And sometimes it’s opposite, you need to heat up the space. And our
products can help you with just that.


From complete brightness and daylight in a space, to no light at all. Humans
has always worshiped light, but in order to have the right function in the room,
it needs to be controlled. Or as we say it; Tame the light.

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