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solar protection fabrics

Almedahls’ technology can be seen in both homes and public environments such as hospitals, hotels, offices and residential buildings. Based on thorough trend analysis and monitoring of yarn and substance development our own Design Studio and internal Technical Team of engineers bring forward exquisite fabrics with high value solar protection properties.

The leader of internal blinds

Almedahls is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of fabrics for internal blinds. We adapt know-how in solar shade fabric technology to meet needs for solar protection in a wide variety of environments. 

We help our customers create comfort and well-being through fabrics which blend perfectly with the interior decoration and offer multiple choices for the important functionalities in blinds.

A variety of fabrics are available to manufacture high quality blinds offering glare control, heat control, sun block out, privacy and daylight through different techniques of filtering of natural light.

If you are working with colours of fabric in white or lighter shades the blind will absorb less solar radiation and permit more light whilst preserving natural light levels. Opposite; the darker shades absorb more solar radiation and transmit less light, providing a more transparent view through the blind to the outside.

Choosing fabrics with higher openness factor allow more natural light to transmit and offer enhanced visibility and view through. The less openness factor in a fabric the less transparency, hence the blind will provide more privacy and higher degree of protection against ultra violet rays. A blackout fabric allows for total light blockage and substantial reduction in heat effect.

TAME THE LIGHT - fabrics with purpose

Fabrics for rollerblinds, panels & verticals

This fabric collection is all about PURPOSE.

The highest purpose is to support the GROWTH of our customers.

Through products in response to global growth trends. And through multiple tools which deliver more direct and indirect VALUE.

With the DESIGN and workmanship you have come to expect from Almedahls.

Dimensions of colour
and tactility

Function and aesthetics are inseparable. 

One seems to lose meaning without the other. Whilst we have advanced in terms of function attached to our products, we admit to having a never-ending passion for tactility and colour. In fact, we consider colour and tactility to be a language of its own. A source of symbolic power. A trigger of human emotion.

We use a structured approach to colour selection under the leadership of our in-house design studio.

We value longevity in our colour offering but are also aiming for a contemporary twist. Our colour palette is always evolving, and for the TAME THE LIGHT – FABRICS WITH PURPOSE collection, the palette has a more delicate, subdued expression.

The core of our colour universe is light and dark neutrals, from bright whites to rich blacks and a wide choice of greys and beiges in between. Also, we have developed a collection of beautifully muted colour shades which are easy to co-ordinate with the neutrals by combining them in different ways to create a versatile selection.

For the TAME THE LIGHT – FABRICS WITH PURPOSE selection we have also explored the universe of tactility to provide depth and texture.

Giving our fabrics a new dimension of purpose.

Our pledge to technical
content and support

‘In Numbers We Trust’ seems to be an evolving theme in the solar protection industry. And as such we are no different than the rest. If anything, we may be more preoccupied with measuring things, given our manufacturing legacy as well as our long-standing relationship with highly discerning global clients.

For each product in the TAME THE LIGHT – FABRICS WITH PURPOSE- collection, we collect more than 50 measurements. Anything from sustainability profile to solar energy properties. We do this to accurately describe the performance and characteristics of the fabric. We do it to enable upselling from simpler to more advanced products. And we do it to illustrate the added value embedded in the fabrics.

The measurements go beyond the fabrics themselves as we are well aware that our customers buy not only a fabric, but also a smooth and cost-effective production process, and a worry-free life in the window of a customer.

Most importantly, we seek to provide practical meaning and context behind the numbers.

Our project managers are well-versed and are supported by an engineering team with more knowledge than you care to know.

Do you want to know more about our
solar protection fabrics?

Tame the light catalog

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Pleated fabrics

The Conspicuous Subtle selection

Our pleated range is a subset of our comprehensive rollerblind and panel fabric selection; Scandinavian Grace. We aim to provide our customers with pleated products which:

  • Are of proven and relentless quality in line with the Almedahls legacy
  • Will clearly set the collections of our customers apart with a premium feel
  • Are inherently sustainable
  • Will deliver technical performance where it matters


Our pleated selection, Conspicuous Subtle is marked by a design language where the presence of the product is always felt, whilst never attempting to attract undue attention. The designs are organic even to a point where geometric patterns are free from straight lines and formulas. Our pleated fabrics are intuitively an invitation to blend and match between styles to create distinct spaces with colours and moods in informal habitats. The fabrics are presented in four design categories; Abstract Designs, Textures & Plains, Micro Designs and Organic Designs.

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