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Spring-summer news: Creative Rug PAVEMENT with soft organic pattern

This spring we are adding two new products to our standard range of Creative Rugs; PAVEMENT and LABYRINTH.

Creative Rugs is more a creative tool box and less of a collection. It is your path to creating rugs where each piece is an original; an expression of your creativity and skill.

The all-new PAVEMENT (article 101769) is a soft organic pattern inspired by natures entrance to the urban, a surface of puddles on the pavement transferred to your space. The fibre is tufted 100% Spirit wool in a combo of 8 mm loop pile and 10 mm cut pile from one colour tone out of 140 choices.

PAVEMENT is suitable for areas with frequent to moderate traffic. Available in a shape and size of your choosing. Contact an expert from Almedahls to learn more about Creative Rugs.