Spring-summer news: New uni-coloured dim-out hanging textile SUIT

Adding to our growing range of uni-coloured hanging textiles, we are introducing dim-out SUIT (article 101787).

SUIT gives you a classic herringbone texture combined with melange yarns.

Rich, textile warmth at a viewing distance. Up close, a subtle texture which pleases the eye.

The colour scale with 27 options, is powered by the elements. Dry and bristly grass next to white sand by a windy beach. Dark rocks next to shades of warm sunset light.

SUIT comes in 3 metre width with plenty of technique. SUIT is part of our Hygiene- (suitable for hygiene spaces), Daylight- (may be used as a solar protection product), and Acoustics concepts (SUIT boasts an acoustics alfa value of 0.95).

Also, SUIT complies with multiple FR standards, including IMO, and is Oekotex certified. Contact an expert from Almedahls Solutions to learn more about SUIT and our range of hanging textiles.