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‘Tame the light – Fabrics with purpose’ solar protection fabrics

We are preparing to launch a new solar protection fabric selection. This time we have asked questions like: What does professionals and consumers want solar protection fabrics to do for them? How can we deliver more total value to our customers?

We have focused on fabrics which will sell in volume whilst also setting your collection or project clearly apart. For instance, by deepening our offer in products with subtle texture and tactility. Such as Plain with Texture RAMIE (pictured/article no 101786) with openness factor 9% in 5 colours.

For the collection overall, we have added news, we have made everything more accessible, and we have designed new sample- and information material. Amongst other things.

Everything is about purpose. Want to see what it’s all about? Contact a product expert from Almedahls to sign up for a presentation during April.