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How to decorate in curtains subtly, yet with personality and full technical delivery

Many designers favour subtle structures with a touch of personality as an alternative to pure uni-coloured textiles in their projects.

This is why our hybrid hanging textiles with subtle structures such as DROPLET, HIVE, SANDSTORM, SHIFT, RIST, and WEAVE are in demand. This is also why we have re-imagined DAGG in a new colour scale.

DAGG is a discrete two-colour textural pattern with a timeless expression. The design is from renowned designer and textile artist Kazuyo Nomura. The simplicity of the pattern blends nicely with the base fabric’s delicate linen-like texture.

Further, DAGG is easy to combine with both patterned and monochrome fabrics in our collection.

Obviously DAGG comes with a full technical package in acoustics, hygiene, sustainability, and climate control.

Take an inspiration tour and browse through the new DAGG Look book.