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Avgo Superellipse® 101835-101842

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AVGO is an innovative and versatile rug collection that will contribute to a unique setup in a room and it is available in the 5 different variations of the Superellipse®. It has a technical solution that creates a two-tone effect whilst using only one colour. In the cut pile of the edge there is a symbol of the 4:6 Superellipse® and a label from our collaboration with Piet Hein. The colour range includes 140 standard colours but the Design Studio at Almedahls has made a selection of recommended colours that represents a harmonical contrast and matches materials and expressions prevailing in modern architecture.

We thought you’d like…
– the unique Superellipse® shape
– the exciting two-tone effect created by a 11mm loop & 12mm cut
– the Designer’s choice colour range


101835_Avgo Superellipse® 3:6
101836_Avgo Superellipse® 4:6
101837_Avgo Superellipse® 5:6
101838_Avgo Superellipse® 6:6
101839_Avgo Tri-Superellipse®
101840_Avgo Superellipse® 3:6 table
101841_Avgo Superellipse® 4:6 table
101842_Avgo Superellipse® 5:6 table

Expression Geometric pattern
Material 100% Wool Spirit
Size Max. 5m x 8,9m
Alfa value α 0.55
Pile height Loop pile 12mm/Cut pile 12mm
Density 39000 tuft/m²
Weight 3,3 kg/m²
Flame retardant Yes
Designer Piet Hein by Studio Almedahls
Five-Zero-Green Yes
REACH compliant Yes

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