Curve Melange 101730

Curve melange is distilled from Curve by adding linen fibre and using 3 colours per rug. The pile height is a low 8 mm and the main fibre remains New Zealand wool Spirit. The use of wool and linen produces a more crude surface and feel. The fibre blend also yields a lively visual play which attracts the eye without stealing the room.

We thought you’d like…
– the Action-backing with integrated anti-slippage effect.
– the 8 mm loop pile height developed for office environment.
– the mix of flax and wool yarns.

Expression Textured design
Material 70% Wool Spirit/30% Linen
Size Max. 5m x 8,9m
Alfa value α 0.55
Pile height Loop pile 8mm
Density 39000 tuft/m²
Weight 3,2 kg/m²
Flame retardant No
Designer Studio Almedahls, Essy Winnerholt
Five-Zero-Green Yes
REACH compliant Yes

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