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Fairy 101605

Fairy is a classic net curtain with a beautiful drape. The crisp, sharp net lets light through while creating a soft, hazy barrier to the outside. Fairy works perfect as a light room divider and to create a space within a space. The more folds it has when draped, the more intimate the room becomes. Fairy comes in a discreet, natural colour scheme, easy to combine with the other fabrics in our Texture Concept and with architectural materials.

We thought you’d like…
– the crisp and sharp mesh texture
– the 300 cm width providing possibility for seamless hanging in large windows
– the muted, natural palette, a part of the colour co-ordinated Texture Concept

The finely curated Texture Concept celebrates the diversity of woven textiles. The concept provides endless possibilities of combining exquisite textures with different expressions; from delicate, sheer mesh and coarse mélanges to smooth velvet and dense dimouts, for any room. The timeless textures, which all drape beautifully, are arranged into colour families making it easy to find the right shade and light filtering property for your project. The textures: Harvest, Rye, Earth, Fairy, Moon and Velvet.

Expression Plain design
Material 100% Polyester FR
Width 300 cm
Weight 85 g/m²
SOLAR Value Average Rs + As = 40
Flame retardant Yes
Five-Zero-Green Yes
Oeko-tex No
REACH compliant Yes
Designer Studio Almedahls
Turnable Yes
Additional info Washable at 70°C

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