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Leno 100176 (Discontinued, in stock)

Leno is a coarse mesh fabric with a soft handle and a heavy drape. It has a sporty look which is reflected in the lively colour palette containing a combination of dynamic saturated hues and muted neutrals. The fabric is well suited to be used as a light room divider and when sunlight shines through the coarse grid structure an intriguing shadow play is created.

We thought you’d like…
– the combination of vibrant colours and calm neutrals
– the light filtering properties creating captivating shadow play
– the heavy drape bringing a sense of softness to the surroundings

Expression Plain design
Material 100% Trevira CS
Width 140 cm
Weight 240 g/m²
SOLAR Value Average Rs + As = 60
Flame retardant Yes
Five-Zero-Green Yes
Oeko-tex Yes
REACH compliant Yes
Designer Studio Almedahls
Turnable Yes

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