Rango 100191

Rango, a design by Jenny Stefansdotter Stentoft. is a development of her previous design Spegling. The original pattern was designed to translate the experience of sun rays coming through the tree tops, through the shading foliage of leaves, to be reduced to a comfortable light. Rango was created by playing with the original leaf shapes, but this time making a two coloured tonal effect. This effect gives the pattern a sense of three-dimensionality and lightness.

We thought you’d like…
– a pattern with a soft tonal colour effect
– the versatile colour scheme
– the delicate light filtering properties

Expression Organic pattern
Material 100% Trevira CS
Width 140 cm
Weight 140 g/m²
Alfa value α 0.15
SOLAR Value Average Rs + As = 45
Flame retardant Yes
Five-Zero-Green Yes
Oeko-tex Yes
REACH compliant Yes
Designer Jenny Stefansdotter Stentoft
Repeat 90 cm
Turnable No
Additional info Washable at 70°C

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