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Rollo 100287

The Rollo rug is an excellent choice for office environments. The low pile makes it easy to roll and move your furniture over. The Rollo rug gives a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.
The cut-loop effect creates a delightful grainy texture a two-coloured effect. The Rollo rug is a good noise-reducer in open office areas.

We thought you’d like…
– the 8 mm cut-loop effect, developed for office environment.
– the Action-backing with integrated anti-slippage effect.
– the 140 colour palette of the Spirit yarns. (For complete colour range download product sheet)

Expression Plain design
Material 100% Wool Spirit
Size Max. 5m x 8,9m
Alfa value α 0.55
Pile height Loop pile 8mm/Cut pile 8mm
Density 39000 tuft/m²
Weight 2,9 kg/m²
Flame retardant Yes
Designer Studio Almedahls
Five-Zero-Green Yes
REACH compliant Yes

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