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Technique without sacrificing style: ‘Tame the light – Fabrics with purpose’ solar protection fabrics

We are just about to launch a new solar protection fabric selection named ‘Tame the light – Fabrics with purpose’. This is a multi-role collection directly linked to customer needs and growth opportunities.

Our ambition is to unite technique and Scandinavian aesthetics.

We have sought to make the translation from customer need to product solution as easy, intuitive, and accessible as possible. Our fabrics are arranged along an axis of daylight control. From light filtering in one end of the scale to room darkening at the other.

All light filtering fabrics are measured for openness factor making it possible to directly choose a relevant balance between daylight control and outlook.

Everything is about purpose. Want to see what it’s all about? Contact a product expert from Almedahls to sign up for a presentation.