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Dynamic solar protection

With Dynamic Solar Protection from Almedahls you are taking a major step against daylight and climate control in the public environment. It is the most cost-efficient way to reduce buildings’ environmental impact by reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We offer you the tools to design solutions which secure an optimal balance between daylight, thermal comfort, transparency through view and visual well-being. Our products deliver the technical performance expected from professional dynamic solar control solutions and are documented technically. 

What is Almedahls
Dynamic Solar Protection?

Almedahls Dynamic Solar Protection is interior solar shading systems to control the amount of heat and light from the sun admitted to a room. These systems allow for potential energy savings in various areas, for example:

Reduce the amount of energy consumption for air conditioning by keeping the excessive heat of the sun out, and avoiding overheating

Reduce the amount
of energy required for heating, as a smart dynamic solar protection solution can help bring in free solar heat or  decrease heat loss in the colder seasons

Cut in the energy required for lighting, by optimizing the admittance of more free, natural daylight

Increase indoor comfort and stimulate productivity by e.g. preventing glare from direct sunlight in the room whilst at the same time allowing for proximity to windows whilst

Natural daylight represents an important impact on occupational health. Motorized solar protection solutions can enhance wellbeing in environments such as a classroom or an office. This type of solution responds to the movement of the sun and supports and improves visual and thermal comfort, decreases energy consumption whilst in use and represent very low initial investment cost and minimal maintenance cost compared to advanced cooling and ventilation installations. Given global warming and climate change it is more and more urgent to find sustainable solutions to minimize energy consumption in all buildings.

A sustainable and comprehensive range with mission-critical function and sustainable side-effects

Rollerblinds and vertical systems with a large variety of fabric choices, including screens and flame retardant fully documented technically with solar values, acoustics values, sustainability profile, application area etc.

Pro 240R

Rollerblinds for office environments and all spaces in need of control of sun, daylight, through view and temperature.

Maximum measurements 2.4 metres wide and 3.5 metres drop

Pro 280R

Rollerblinds for spaces in need of more stable systems for heavier fabrics for e.g. care facilities and  schools. 

Maximum measurements 2.8 metres wide and 3.5 metres drop

Pro 400R

Rollerblinds for spaces with large windows areas where the construction of the system handles weight up to 12 kg.

Maximum measurements 4.0 metres wide and 4.0 metres drop

Pro 700V

Vertical systems typically suitable for all spaces in need of control of sun, daylight, view through and temperature.

Maximum measurements 7.0 metres wide and 4.0 metres drop

What you need to know and consider

Drivers of Change and Standards

  • Sustainability of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission

  • Performance and comfort at work

  • EN17037 (Europeanstandard for Daylight in buildings)

    • Access to daylight

    • Thermal comfort

    • Through view

    • Visual comfort

Key Considerations

  • Access to daylight

  • Level and value of daylight exposure

  • Distinct through view in neutral color reproduction

  • Protection from glare and reflexes

  • Management of temperature

Management of Performance & Solutions

  • Structure of weaving

  • Colour of fibre

  • Openness factor of fabric

  • Solar protection and light values in relation to glass surfaces and direction of facade

Almedahls Dynamic Solar Protection solutions creating A better place to be.

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Dynamic Solar Protection?