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Arcade 100270

Arcade is a graphic timeless design drawn by Josef Frank in the 1920´s. The uniqueness of the bold designs of Professor Josef Frank comes from a confident blend of geometric and organic shapes. The design will excel in public spaces where these unique rugs may be allowed to capture the eye and move humans visually and physically through a room.

We thought you’d like…
– the aestethic flair it gives to a room.
– the Action-backing with integrated anti-slippage effect.
– the 140 colour palette of the Spirit yarns.

Expression Organic pattern
Material 100% Wool Spirit
Size Max. 5m x 10m
Alfa value α 0.55
Pile height Cut pile 14mm
Density 39000 tuft/m²
Weight 4,3 kg/m²
Flame retardant Yes
Designer Josef Frank
Five-Zero-Green Yes
REACH compliant Yes

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