CircleRest 101879

Circle is a sustainable fabric concept made of fully circular copolyester, with Ocean Safe technology certfied with Cradle to Cradle Gold. The benefits in short is that it is free of toxins and biodegradable, and leaves no microplastics behind. The manufacturing of the Circle fibre requires significantly fewer steps, less energy and less water consumption. At end of life the fabrics will be composted and recycled into new fibres through an established take back system.

CircleRest is a lightweight, textural, semi- transparent drapery.The refined weave construction gives a distinct materiality, tenderly stimulating the senses. The carefully crafted texture creates a delicate sense of depth to the piece dyed fabric. The pure look, crisp character and precise drape accentuate the sleek and elegant expression. The light nature of CircleRest balance between a sheer and a drapery creating privacy while still letting light through. The colour scheme is versatile and cool, built on contemporary neutrals working as a perfect complement the most common architectural materials as wood, concrete, glass and stone.

Expression Textured design
Material 100% naNea
Light transmission Translucent
Width 300 cm
Weight 163 g/m²
Alfa value α 0,5
SOLAR Value Average Pending test
Openness faktor 2%
Flame retardant Yes
Five-Zero-Green Yes
OceanSafe Certified Yes
Cradle to Cradle Gold Yes
REACH compliant Yes
Designer Almedahls Design Studio
Turnable Yes
Additional info Washable at 30°C

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