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Grain 100710 or 100711 or 100712

Grain is a uni-coloured rug with a surprising number of expressions. The fibre base of Grain is the wool Hard Twist in 70 colour shades. Grain is available in both loop- and cut pile and heights of 10, 14 and 25 mm respectively. A truly versatile rug for all spaces and traffic intensities depending on the choice of pile height and technique

We thought you’d like…
– the freedom to choose between pile heights of 10, 14 or 25 mm.
– the Action-backing with integrated anti-slippage effect.
– the 70 colour choices in 100% wool hardtwist yarn.

100712_Grain, rug with 25 mm cut pile height the tuft density is 23 500 tuft/m2.
100711_Grain, rug with 14 mm cut pile height tuft is 39 000 tuft/m2.
100710_Grain, rug with 10 mm loop pile is 39 000 tuft/m2.

Expression Plain design
Material 100% Wool Hardtwist
Size Max. 5m x 10m
Alfa value α 0.55
Pile height Loop pile 10mm or Cut pile 14mm or Cut pile 25mm
Density 25000 tuft/m² – 39000 tuft/m²
Weight 3,4 kg/m² – 4,9 kg/m²
Flame retardant Yes
Designer Studio Almedahls
Five-Zero-Green Yes
REACH compliant Yes

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