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Wuchang 100207

Wuchang by Josefine Wiel Fredén was originally a part of a collection inspired by traditional dyeing techniques from India and Japan. When making the collection she decided to let destiny rule to create a feeling of freedom and randomness in the patterns. Wuchang was created by using a resist printing technique which generated the naturally cracked texture, reminding of dry clay. The carefully chosen colour scheme is derived from nature as hues of soil, stone and metal.

We thought you’d like…
– the soothing impression and timeless expression
– the light filtering properties
– the natural colour scheme

Expression Organic pattern
Material 100% Trevira CS
Width 140 cm
Weight 140 g/m²
Alfa value α 0.15
SOLAR Value Average Rs + As = 45
Flame retardant Yes
Five-Zero-Green Yes
Oeko-tex Yes
REACH compliant Yes
Designer Josefine Fredén
Repeat 90 cm
Turnable Yes
Additional info Washable at 70°C

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