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‘Tame the light – Fabrics with Purpose’ solar protection fabrics LAUNCH

We are in launch mode for our new roller blind fabric collection named Tame the Light – Fabrics with Purpose.

The whole range is presented in a catalogue which we make available digitally or printed combined with textile sampling material.

The collection features about 350 choices at colour level. About one third of the fabrics are 230 cm in width or wider.

Whilst there are plenty of product news and new colours for established products, it is noteworthy that in a very real sense everything is new.

We have loaded the whole collection and individual products with new function in terms of technique, in terms of application in specific segments and areas, and in terms of the value we provide beyond the products themselves.

Everything is about purpose. Want to see what it’s all about? Contact a product expert from Almedahls to sign up for a presentation.