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The beauty of the Superellipse® is laid bare when we examine its character. At first sight it looks familiar, we recognize it but we notice that it is outside standard proportions. It is similar to shapes that we are exposed to daily, such as rectangles and circles. The significant difference is hard to describe but it attracts our awareness.

When objects are shaped outside its normal context, we don’t know what we can expect but it triggers our curiosity and guides our behaviour.

Piet Hein has challenged our habits and behaviours with the Superellipse®. When we understand the power of the shape and the definition of its success, we can successfully implement it in residential areas and public spaces to create unique experiences.

The lasting legacy of the Superellipse® for the 21st century human being is that of a facilitator of Harmony, Creativity, Interaction, and Equality between people


The Superellipse® draws our attention and challenges us to re-think our patterns when confronted with it. It is a seemingly minor change with a major impact on our perception. A humble change that does not differ too much from what we can refer to and what we like. We tend to like it more because the organic curves manifest a bridge between the abstract and reality. It eliminates the gap between what we label as exquisite and what is considered aesthetically displeasing. It creates harmony.


By gently being pushed into new settings we are forced to adapt and to innovate. We discover that we are able to go beyond our beliefs and know-hows and we connect with our true source: Creativity. This allows us to analyse and react to the current situation in a more instinctive way rather than with an unconscious response. We act with an open mind-set, we take distance from our comfort zone and we welcome creative thinking into our lives. The Superellipse® design stimulates creativity.


When we take a closer look at the Superellipse® we notice it’s soft curves. In some variations, the curves almost appear infinite. The absence of a clear beginning and end is a crucial element in creating equality. When the Superellipse® shape is applied we can no longer apply the laws of hierarchy. There is no given leader present which has been made impossible with the soft unique curves. The presence of the shape guides people to sit and interact in a new angle, one that invites and promotes fair play.


In public environments the Superellipse® affects us by stimulating interaction between people. The shape invisibly enables and facilitates free interaction with everybody in the Superellipse® zone. Differences between people are evened out, and communication flows freely to the benefit of mutual understanding and team results. The Superellipse® shape is a genuine source of interaction.