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How to decorate in curtains subtly, yet with personality and full technical delivery

Many designers favour subtle structures with a touch of personality as an alternative to pure uni-coloured textiles in their projects. This is why our hybrid hanging textiles with subtle structures such as DROPLET, HIVE, SANDSTORM, SHIFT, RIST, and WEAVE are in demand. This is also why we have re-imagined DAGG in a new colour scale. […]

How to decorate sustainably with CIRCLE: Circular biodegradable Hanging Textiles from Almedahls

Our new collection of fully biodegradable textiles is called CIRCLE: Circular hanging textiles from Almedahls supported by a take-back system. The take-back system involves industrial composting which creates new textile fibres for CIRCLE textiles, or breakdown to base materials such as minerals and water. The CIRCLE collection is the pinnacle of our journey across more […]

CIRCLE. Circular Hanging Textiles from Almedahls with OceanSafe technology

Because humanity urgently need to migrate to more sustainable solutions which do not compromise performance. We have developed a suite of fully circular hanging textiles which can naturally biodegrade and can be returned to the ecological system whilst offering added benefits for our oceans and our well-being when being used. Enabling our customers for the […]

‘Tame the light – Fabrics with Purpose’ solar protection fabrics LAUNCH

We are in launch mode for our new roller blind fabric collection named Tame the Light – Fabrics with Purpose. The whole range is presented in a catalogue which we make available digitally or printed combined with textile sampling material. The collection features about 350 choices at colour level. About one third of the fabrics […]

Spring-summer news: New uni-coloured dim-out hanging textile SUIT

Adding to our growing range of uni-coloured hanging textiles, we are introducing dim-out SUIT (article 101787). SUIT gives you a classic herringbone texture combined with melange yarns. Rich, textile warmth at a viewing distance. Up close, a subtle texture which pleases the eye. The colour scale with 27 options, is powered by the elements. Dry […]

Spring-summer news: Creative Rug PAVEMENT with soft organic pattern

This spring we are adding two new products to our standard range of Creative Rugs; PAVEMENT and LABYRINTH. Creative Rugs is more a creative tool box and less of a collection. It is your path to creating rugs where each piece is an original; an expression of your creativity and skill. The all-new PAVEMENT (article […]

‘Tame the light – Fabrics with purpose’ solar protection fabrics

We are preparing to launch a new solar protection fabric selection. This time we have asked questions like: What does professionals and consumers want solar protection fabrics to do for them? How can we deliver more total value to our customers? We have focused on fabrics which will sell in volume whilst also setting your […]